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In 1986 a body of Singleton Beef producers decided to form a group to organize a Hoof and Hook competition.  We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2016 with many activities to showcase the beef industry in the Hunter Valley. 

This group was called the Singleton Hoof and Hook Competition. This event saw strong competition from the exhibitors and soon became one of the best Competitions in NSW.

The organisation has changed there name to reflect the diversity of the group: Singleton Beef and Land Management Association Incorporated.

Our organisation have been organising this event since 1986. This competition has been named The Singleton Prime Stock Competition and is for Beef producers to enter their Prime Beef cattle to be judged by an experienced Cattle Judge. With interest increasing from the Schools and the introduction of a Paraders Competition and the Led Steer/Heifer section has aloud Schools to compete against other Schools. This is for students to show off their parading and ring craft skills under the watchful eye of a Paraders Judge.

Following the hoof judging those cattle entered in the hoof and hook sections are sent to the abattoirs, processed and then judged to assess each carcase for its quality and fit to market specifications. This event is very insightful for all students as it allows the students to compare the aspects and influence of breed, body types and feeding techniques both in the ring and on the hook.

With strong interest in theses competitions it became apparent that there was a need to have more Educational Activities for School Students and in 1993 the Singleton Junior Judging Competition was established and has been held annually since. With up to 250 students attending this event from Primary and Secondary Schools. Districts include the Central West, Hunter Valley, Manning Valley and Central Coast.

The event takes the form of a skills based competition and aims to provide an avenue for students to practice and apply knowledge acquired from their agricultural studies in the selection of beef cattle. Students from 8 to 18 years of age compete in 3 age categories assessing animals against criteria important for beef production. Students, participating as individuals and in teams of three, assess bulls, heifers and steers for market suitability, ranking the animals in preferential order. Students are also required to support their decision with a brief oral presentation.

The student's assessments are compared with those of an experienced cattle judge and the most accurate team assessment wins a steer for their respective school agricultural programme.

With a need to keep abreast of the ever changing market trends so our Organisation hold Field Days to inform the producers of changes in Market requirements and what the consumer demands. These days assist producers in marking informed decisions on seed, fertilizers, weed and pest control, animal Health products and farming techniques.

The group have also organised the Singleton Cattle Education Day for Schools and Students to assist them with knowledge on the beef industry. On the day there are 5 Workshops for students to gain Knowledge on varied topics from Clipping/Grooming a Beef animal for the show ring, Parading Skills and ring craft knowledge, Beef cattle selection (what to look for when selecting cattle for breeding), Scanning and Stock Identifications and many more.

We have grown from organising one event each year to running three events and a Field Day, Bus trip and Annual Dinner with Guest Speaker and Christmas Dinners.

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